According to data from Huobi Global, the market price of WND, the governance token underpinning WonderHero’s ecosystem, has grown more than 60 percent in the week since listing on Huobi Global on December 28, 2021. WonderHero is a play-to-earn for the iOS & Android smartphones.

WonderHero’s play-to-earn, turn-based RPG mobile game enables players to collect NFTs (Heroes, Weapons, and Equipment), trade them in marketplace, and earn monetary rewards. Players can use HON & WND to upgrade heroes, weapons and equipment, where WND is used mainly for higher level upgrades. In addition, players can win more WND & HON tokens as they progress throughout the game and level up.

The company launched its WonderHero Marketplace in December 2021, enabling players to buy/sell NFT assets such as weapons, heroes, and equipment. WonderHero charges a 5% fee on transactions, and 95% of the revenue will be used to fund its pool of mining rewards. WonderHero’s DAO also enables players to vote on the use of funds.

WND’s successful listing on Huobi Global represents a key milestone for WonderHero, providing liquidity for WND will encourage more people to play WonderHero and gives another avenue for players to redeem their rewards.

WonderHero is launching on Google Play and iOS App Store in Jan. 2022, with exciting gameplay and multiple ways to earn, players can look forward for a play to earn experience that is fun and rewarding at the same time.


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