Media powerhouse mixi, Inc. and global sports streaming service DAZN Japan Investment GK today announced that DAZN MOMENTS, a sports NFT marketplace, will launch on Flow, a leading Web3 platform designed for consumer-friendly applications. The announcement was made locally in Japan with Flow confirming the new marketplace will launch in the spring.

DAZN MOMENTS joins the thriving sports ecosystem on Flow, home to NBA Top Shot, NFL ALL DAY, UFC Strike, Crictos, and The Players’ Lounge, among others.

The DAZN MOMENTS marketplace will allow users to collect moments of super skills of players as well as memorable moments of various sports in Japan. DAZN MOMENTS will draw upon mixi’s success in entertainment and sports – including the social network mixi – as well as the mobile game Monster Strike, which has grossed more than $9 billion since its launch in 2013; and DAZN’s global lead in streaming live and on-demand sports events to more than 200 countries and territories.

"mixi is a true example of the best-in-class Japanese-based companies that are emerging on Flow,"

said Mik Naayem, Chief Business Officer and Co-Founder of Dapper Labs.

"mixi has led the charge on game-changing platforms, and DAZN has pioneered sports streaming around the globe. By giving fans an awesome experience and an easy way to get engaged, the launch of DAZN MOMENTS will be a true watershed moment for Web3 adoption in Japan."
"Bringing DAZN's rich content to NFT moments on Flow will bring traditional memorabilia to life in the digital world in Japan,"

said Koki Kimura, President and Representative Director of mixi.

"Dapper Labs' creativity in design and functionality has inspired us for DAZN MOMENTS and we hope to bring that same level of energy captured in the U.S. to Japan."
"We're excited to partner with mixi to unlock NFTs for various sports in Japan,"

Manabu Yamada, Executive Vice President of DAZN Japan.

"We unlocked live streaming sports five years ago, and we're excited to bring that next-generation of innovation to how fans engage with their favorite moments through valuable NFTs."

mixi and DAZN Japan have been working together since December 2020, bringing DAZN data into Fansta, mixi’s restaurant and bar search application. This gives fans an easy way to find places to watch their favorite sporting events. Coming in the Spring, Japanese fans will be able to collect moments from their favorite sporting events through the DAZN MOMENTS marketplace on Flow. mixi will donate a part of the profits to sports associations to support the continued development of sports in Japan.


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