PRESS RELEASE. EMCO Network, a pioneering Defi project, is set to revolutionize the digital and financial landscapes by leveraging its unique blend of real-world experience in precious metals and artificial intelligence sectors.

Addressing the challenges faced by users from low socio-economic backgrounds, EMCO Network aims to provide a novel platform to tap into their digital identities, generating financial opportunities while fostering organic online interactions. The project’s robust and sustainable revenue model is built on its strong foothold in the precious metals industry.

EMCO Network’s blockchain strategy is designed to bring a new level of transparency, tracking, and authentication to the precious metals sector. This initiative aims to overcome the industry’s inability to share sensitive information on a public ledger due to risk factors such as cargo interception. By ensuring the safety and integrity of the load, EMCO Network will promote transparency and validation of goods, benefiting all parties involved.

The deployment of Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology (BDLT) will give birth to ENERD, a Software as a Service (SaaS) rewards system, and a Defi platform. This initiative will provide financial inclusion and allow users to access the ENERD Dashboard/App and request a micro-task. The proprietary software solution, ENERD, issues unique micro-tasks to users determined by AI that analyzes data from connected platforms. These tasks, designed to promote organic engagement, will reward users with $EMCO tokens, which can be sold or staked in the Defi platform.

The Defi platform provides fixed APYs based on fixed periods and the unique opportunity to exchange tokens for RWA NFTs; the user can redeem a physical asset in the form of a coin, round, or bar, depending on the value; assets include Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper and select Gemstones. Users can hold these for safekeeping or choose to redeem the investment, which is sent via secure courier. KYC for courier redemption is subject to the value denoted in the user’s local jurisdiction and the country’s custom declaration laws.

Relationships are being established at a local level across the globe that will allow users the ability to exchange their digital assets for physical assets at trusted and vetted bullion dealer partners. This will empower users the ability to convert easily into an asset class of physical value that they can use within local economies.

If a user decides instead to convert un-redeemed NFTs back into USDT or $EMCO, a secondary marketplace will be available through EMCO that will allow other users to place bids on these NFTs at discounted rates.
E.g; A buyer might put a bid of $10,000 at a 3% discount to purchase. Their USDT is sent to the smart contract and held. When a seller/s agrees to the rate, the smart contract will complete the trade, sending the tokens and NFT/s to the appropriate parties. Both buyers and sellers can place offers onto the market at their desired price points ensuring a dynamic and inclusive ecosystem.

The project’s tokenomic structure and revenue model are built around trading precious metals on a B2B level. EMCO Network has direct contracts with precious metal mines, refineries, and government sector customers. The project will use 40% of the profits for a buyback of $EMCO tokens, creating a reflex loop for the longevity of the ENERD platform, with an additional 10% going to the treasury vault. This outside liquidity from the profits of the business ensures the growth of the token and its APY offerings are supported by realized gains as opposed to hypothetical market returns.

The EMCO Network team comprises seasoned professionals with an average of 20 years of experience in various fields, including precious metal sourcing, blockchain-related technologies, and business management. This multicultural, diverse team is dedicated to creating value for society and the community.

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