MicroBT, the Bitcoin ASIC manufacturer behind the WhatsMiner line of ASIC mining machines, unveiled its latest offerings at Bitcoin 2023 in Miami Beach. Dr. Zuoxing Yang, the founder and CEO of MicroBT, highlighted the importance of “High density, low noise, low failure rate and low maintenance” ASIC machines bringing bitcoin mining to a new era.

The talk started with a roll of film focusing on the energy crisis, green energy and the role that bitcoin can play as a solution. It then posed the question: “What matters more, mining or surviving?”

“I never stop thinking of better power solutions for bitcoin mining,” Dr. Yang said.

MicroBT introduced three new models of the WhatsMiner M50 series: the air-cooled M50S++, the hydro-cooled M53S++, and the immersion cooled M56S++. These models offer impressive computing power ranging from 150 to 320 terahash/second (TH/s) respectively, with power efficiencies of 22 joules per terahash (J/TH).

Dr. Yang highlighted the heat collection capabilities of the mining rigs, which can be utilized for various purposes, such as space heating and industrial processes. He mentioned that the hydro-cooling mining rigs can reach outlet water temperatures of over 70℃ (158℉), enabling 2.4MW of power for a 40-foot container. Additionally, the immersion-cooling solution requires only 10L of oil per miner, demonstrating its efficiency.

He emphasized that “every M56 miner only requires as low as 10L oil with our specified tank.”

MicroBT’s focus since its inception in 2016 has been the development of high-efficiency Bitcoin mining rigs. The company aims to support miners in adhering to Bitcoin’s decentralization principles while prioritizing network stability. Dr. Yang emphasized MicroBT’s commitment to working with partners to promote sustainable mining practices, zero-carbon emissions and social responsibility.

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