After implementing the merge testnet Kiln, Ethereum is seemingly getting closer to transitioning to a full proof-of-stake (PoS) network. According to developers Kiln’s execution layer was initially launched leveraging proof-of-work (PoW) and since March 15, Kiln is running entirely under a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm.

Ethereum’s Kiln Merge Testnet Goes Live

Ethereum developers are making progress toward the network’s full transition from PoW to PoS, according to a recently published blog post written by the Ethereum Foundation. The blog post, called “Announcing the Kiln Merge Testnet,” explains that developers have deployed a significant testing ground for what’s being called “The Merge.” Kiln started after software engineers wrapped up testing the Kintsugi merge testnet. The testnet Kintsugi, the blog post further notes, will be “deprecated” in the near future.

While sharing the Ethereum Foundation’s blog post announcement, Ethereum developer Tim Beiko tweeted about the next testnet iteration. “Kiln, the next iteration of Ethereum merge testnets, is now live,” Beiko tweeted. “Highly recommended that node operators, application developers, stakers, tooling/infra providers test their setups on the network.”

The Ethereum Foundation’s blog post explains that the merge testnet Kiln “is expected to be the last merge testnet created before existing public testnets are upgraded.” Which means, it’s likely that Ethereum’s transition to full PoS would follow upgraded existing public testnets if everything went smoothly. The blog post highlights that the current Kiln network is operating under a full PoS system.

“Like the Ethereum mainnet, Kiln’s execution layer was launched under proof-of-work in parallel to a Beacon Chain running proof-of-stake,” the Ethereum Foundation details. “The Merge happened on Kiln on March 15, 2022. The network is now running entirely under proof-of-stake.”

Devs Recommend Ethereum Infrastructure Providers Start Testing Kiln’s Applications and Tools

Like Tim Beiko said in his tweet, developers want ethereum users to start utilizing Kiln’s applications and tools, specifically wallet providers, decentralized applications (dapps), tooling developers, node operators, infrastructure providers, and ethereum staking operators. The blog post explains the best way to start using Kiln is via the network’s landing page.

“[From] there, you can add the network to your browser wallet, view block explorers, request funds from the faucet, and connect to a JSON RPC endpoint,” the blog post notes. Those looking to become a validator can leverage the network’s staking launchpad to get started as well. The blog post concludes by reminding the public that a scheduled date for Ethereum’s mainnet proof-of-stake transition has not been set. “Any source claiming otherwise is likely to be a scam,” the blog post adds.

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