MicroStrategy, a leading business intelligence and software company, has continued its steadfast commitment to Bitcoin by purchasing an additional 850 BTC at a total cost of $37.2 million, Founder & Chairman Michael Saylor announced today. “We acquired 31,755 additional bitcoins since the end of the third quarter, marking the largestContinue Reading

Today, Citrea Team unveils Citrea, the inaugural ZK Rollup designed to elevate Bitcoin’s blockspace capabilities through zero-knowledge technology. Departing from traditional scalability solutions that move security and demand off-chain, Citrea introduces an approach to scale Bitcoin comprehensively with zero-knowledge proofs, ensuring on-chain verifiability and data availability within the Bitcoin network.Continue Reading

NASHVILLE, February 6, 2024 – HIVE Digital Technologies Ltd (NASDAQ: HIVE) and Bitcoin Magazine announce “FUD Fighters”, a new initiative centered around education on the many false narratives articulated by critics of Bitcoin. The “FUD Fighters” series will consist of four in-depth research articles written by industry experts to counterContinue Reading

Having solidified his political legacy by effectively addressing the issue of gang violence in El Salvador, Nayib Bukele has not only secured an extraordinary second presidential mandate but has also propelled his New Idea Party to a resounding victory in the legislative realm. Bukele’s historic triumph in the presidential raceContinue Reading