Ingenuity, community and fun were on display at the Bitcoin 2022 Bazaar, a marketplace of merchandise from Bitcoiners.

Bitcoin 2022 was home to high-profile keynotes, announcements and panel discussions. But the plebs had their spotlight as well. The Bitcoin Bazaar was the place to get to know some of the most interesting projects in Bitcoin merch — not necessarily world-changing but definitely uplifting.

Panties For Bitcoin

“BTC — Be Truly Confident”

— Panties for Bitcoin

What I first considered as a whacky Bitcoiner meme turned out to be high-quality, Italian-made lingerie run by a lovable family. Pablo, the mastermind behind the business, is an Argentinian emigrant with decades of experience in the underwear industry and a passion for money free from government intrusion. Several years ago, he combined his two obsessions and founded Panties for Bitcoin. With “no more fiat panties” and “Be Truly Confident” as company mottos, Pablo and his family — his wife Silvia and his son Michael — do their part for the circular economy, offering a 10% discount on orders paid in bitcoin.

Check the panties out at

Link to tweet.

Mear One is based in Los Angeles and he drove across the entire United States to come to Miami.

Check out his work at, and read his thoughts on Bitcoin and art here at Bitcoin Magazine.


“It’s always best to have the help of a pal.

So Satoshi called a monster friend named Hal.”

— Goodnight Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been around for 13 years, and as it comes of age, Bitcoiners mature as well. While the mainstream journalists still paint us as youngsters chasing their Lambo dreams, in reality a growing number of us are 35+ years old with low-time preference values such as a spouse and many kids. And in every Bitcoiner’s household, the kids are inevitably going to ask: “What’s that Bitcoin thing you talk about all the time, Dad?” “Mom, Dad wants to give me my allowance in sats, what’s that?” “Who’s that Satoshi guy you keep on mentioning?” and so on. So naturally, we need child-friendly resources that help the young ones learn about the orange coin.

Scott and Mallory Sibley were in a similar situation, so they created SHAmory, a memory-inspired card game about bitcoin mining. SHAmory is a simple game that even a three-year-old can play (personally verified claim 🙂 ), and it explains the basic mechanics of mining while introducing relevant terms such as “nonce,” “block,” “reward” into the vocabulary.

SHAmory by itself would be pretty cool, but Scott and Mallory also wrote and illustrated “Goodnight Bitcoin,” a simple story in verse about Satoshi, Hal and the creation of Bitcoin. The best part? Both SHAmory and “Goodnight Bitcoin” feature the same, cute monster-themed artwork, so kids naturally fall in love with both.

Find out all about SHAmory at

Scott and Mallory Sibley are the team behind SHAmory. 
In SHAmory, kids need to find a nonce that corresponds to the target; when they do, they get a bitcoin reward and extend Bitcoin’s blockchain by another block. But watch out for those pesky difficulty adjustments!

Soul, Sparkle And Smile Of Bitcoin

Besides Bitcoin Bazaar, there were many interesting booths that filled the huge Expo Hall. This was the place to be if you wanted to meet your favorite Bitcoiners (I finally got some of Mandrik’s legendary baklava!), get a book signed by Saifedean Ammous or Allen Farrington, or shop for a new hardware wallet. To be honest, I enjoyed the time mingling with the plebs in the booth maze more than any of the talks. You can always watch the talks online later, but you can’t ever recreate the feeling of meeting new friends, exploring the niches of the buzzing Bitcoiner culture, or if you’re manning a company booth getting firsthand feedback from your users.

Busy time at the Trezor booth.

Bitcoin 2022 was awesome; not so much for the high-profile keynotes, but rather for meeting the fellow orange-pilled Bitcoiners who add the soul, smile and sparkle to the monetary revolution.

This is a guest post by Josef Tětek. Opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc. or Bitcoin Magazine.

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