On October 26, the bitcoin mining operator Aspen Creek Digital Corporation (ACDC) announced that the company has commenced operations at its solar farm-powered high performance computing center (HPCC) in Texas. ACDC further detailed that the company inked a deal with the firm Compass Mining in order to host 27 megawatts (MW) of capacity, which will be deployed in the fourth quarter of this year.

Aspen Creek Digital and Compass Mining Announce Hosting Partnership

According to the bitcoin mining company Aspen Creek Digital Corporation (ACDC), the firm’s second HPCC has started operations in Texas. ACDC and Compass will be collaborating at the facility, as Compass plans to host 27 MW of capacity or about 9,000 Bitmain-crafted application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) bitcoin miners. The Texas-based HPCC is ACDC’s second bitcoin mining data center, as it operates a 6 MW facility tied to a solar farm in west Colorado.

In September, ACDC raised $8 million in a Series A financing round that was led by Galaxy Digital and Polychain Capital. ACDC’s announcement on Wednesday details that the Texas HPCC is a 30 MW site. The facility can host 10,000 ASIC bitcoin miners tethered to an 87 MW solar farm. The company detailed on Wednesday that the bitcoin miner has a third project in the works that is capable of 150 MW of capacity co-located with a 200 MW solar farm.

The third HPCC will be “operational by mid-2023,” ACDC explained. “Our mission is to create a sustainable source of renewable energy to power our operations and put renewables back on the grid,” the CEO of ACDC, Alexandra DaCosta, said in a statement. “We’re thrilled to partner with Compass Mining to expand access to renewably powered bitcoin mining,” the ACDC executive added.

Meanwhile, the news follows reports of Compass Mining sunsetting the miner’s Georgia and British Columbia facilities. The reported sunsetting was reportedly told to Compass clients via email and according to Compass’s content director, Will Foxley, Compass left the facility because it “didn’t meet standards.” Foxley also explained, and shared an update, that said Compass had a “new facility in Texas with Compute North” that was “waiting for ERCOT to energize.”

The bitcoin mining operation Compute North filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on September 22, 2022. Two weeks ago, Whit Gibbs, the co-CEO of Compass discussed the launch of “At-Home” mining with Coindesk, and a report noted last August that the firm was “changing its course.” Thomas Heller, the co-founder and co-CEO of Compass Mining, explained on Wednesday that the firm looks forward to working with ACDC.

“Compass Mining continues to seek out high-quality hosting providers such as ACDC that benefit our mining clients’ uptime and reliability. ACDC’s pairing of low-cost, renewable energy with mining operational excellence is difficult to find in today’s current market. We’re pleased to work with their team,” Heller said during the announcement on Wednesday.

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