According to Lamido Yuguda, the director general of the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission, the regulator does not plan on including cryptocurrencies in its digital asset agenda. Yuguda reportedly said the commission will only change its stance on cryptos when Nigerian regulators agree on the standards to protect digital asset investors.

Commission to Promote ‘Sensible Digital Assets’

The Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission (NSEC) said it will only include cryptocurrencies in its digital assets agenda when regulators finally agree on the standards to protect investors. The commission added that cryptocurrencies are currently excluded because the exchange platforms where such digital assets are traded are operating outside of the Nigerian banking system.

According to a Bloomberg report, the NSEC is keen on promoting what the institution’s director general Lamido Yuguda calls “sensible digital assets.” Yuguda explained:

The commission is in the business of protecting investors, not in the business of speculation.

In addition to promoting safer digital assets, the commission reportedly said it will explore blockchain’s use in advancing virtual and traditional investment products.

In May, the NSEC unveiled new rules governing the issuing of digital assets as well as the registration requirements for platforms that offer digital assets. At the time, some in the Nigerian crypto community believed the new rules applied to cryptocurrencies. While Yuguda admitted that cryptos are presently excluded, he did not rule out including them in the future.

“Any asset that is traded in the Nigerian capital market requires the joint approach of different regulators,” the director-general reportedly said.

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