Barcelona and Argentina soccer legend, Javier Mascherano has signed for the leading fiat-crypto payment gateway Alchemy Pay. On December 1st, He announced on his social media platforms that he officially became an ambassador for Alchemy Pay, promoting its payment features and products, and will be working closely with Alchemy Pay on subsequent co-branded NFT launches.

“Just as I bridged the defense & offense throughout my career, Alchemy Pay bridges fiat currency and crypto, web2 and web3, across the globe. A perfect match!” announced Mascherano on Twitter, considering this partnership to be a perfect fit, and seeing himself embodying the same spirit as Alchemy Pay.

Mascherano is the former captain of the Argentina national team and one of the most outstanding defensive midfielders in the world of football. He shot to fame with River Plate before moving on to European club giants Liverpool and Barcelona. As one of the true legends of the game, Mascherano is also a social media legend, with 5.8M Instagram followers and 8.1M Twitter followers, and is enthusiastic about crypto utility for the people of Latin America. This ambassador endorsement will benefit users in Latin America, enabling them to use their local currency to buy crypto, cheaply and easily, on Alchemy Pay’s OnRamp Solution.

Argentina successfully toppled Lewandowski’s Poland stars to qualify for the knockout stage of the World Cup. Alchemy Pay also announced its support for Argentina, followed by a series of activities to support the Argentina team. For the FIFA World Cup 2022, the Barcelona and Liverpool legend will launch a series of signings, appearances, and NFTs to celebrate the Argentina team during the World Cup. During the cooperation period, both parties will mainly promote Alchemy Pay’s Ramp payment solution and NFT Check out capabilities.

Alchemy Pay has become a leading payment provider. Over the past 18 months, its payment gateway to crypto has opened up the industry to mainstream users. Founded in Singapore in 2018, Alchemy Pay is a payment gateway that seamlessly connects crypto and global fiat currencies for businesses, developers, and users.

The Alchemy Pay Ramp Solution has been easily integrated, via plugin or API, with platforms and dApps to provide an easy onramp from fiat currency to crypto. The NFT Checkout function, Alchemy Pay’s newly introduced feature, gives users access to buy NFTs through their preferable fiat currency payment service. Alchemy Pay supports payments from 173 countries – Visa, Mastercard, popular regional mobile wallets, and domestic transfers with a focus on emerging markets. Its offramping capability remits to users in 27 local fiat currencies. $ACH is the Alchemy Pay network & community token on Ethereum and Binance Chain.

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