21% of the proceeds of the sale of Satoshi will be donated to the non-profit BWB organization.

SHAmory, a Bitcoin company that produces educational materials, an educational Bitcoin company that produces STEM-authenticated books and games, has announced a new special edition African themed plush toy named “Satoshi.” 21% of the proceeds of the gross sales of Satoshi will be donated to the to the Built With Bitcoin Foundation (BWB), a non-profit organization that provides clean water, access to quality education, sustainable farming and humanitarian support, all powered by Bitcoin. 

According to the press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine, the goal of the donation is to raise enough funds to build a new watering well in Africa.

“SHAmory is dedicated to the continued growth of bitcoin awareness, education and adoption. We believe that learning can be fun and it can start at any age,” Scott Sibley, co-founder and CEO of SHAmory said. “It’s a great honor to know that the Satoshi plush toy will play a role in introducing Bitcoin into children’s lives and that each purchase will help give other children access to clean water.”

The Satoshi plush toy is holding a toy Bitcoin, with the outline of Africa and the Bitcoin ₿ stitched onto the design. Each toy will include a QR code that will take people to a unique landing page on the SHAmory website that will include an overview of the project, a donation tracker and a message from the team.

In addition, all Satoshi plushes will come with a birth certificate authenticating the bitcoin block this project was born on and the mission behind it. Those who help support the watering well project in the beginning will be awarded with authenticated birth certificates for the first 300 purchased, indicating that they came from the first batch of Satoshis.

Co-Founder of the Built With Bitcoin Foundation Ray Youssef said that “Bitcoin education is the key to mass adoption. Financial literacy should be a human right and SHAmory does an amazing job of educating kids about Bitcoin’s basic concepts. I’m honored to be working with SHAmory to both welcome the next wave of Bitcoiners and raise funds for a well project in Africa. Prosperity for all, powered by Bitcoin.” This sentiment was echoed by Yusuf Nessary, co-founder and director of the Built With Bitcoin Foundation, who said: “I’m proud to be a part of a community that strives for inclusion. Bitcoin is about the people and it’s our job to educate the next generation—they will be the ones to build upon Satoshi’s dream.”

SHAmory has previously supported the Built With Bitcoin Foundation by donating books and games to schools funded by the non-profit, as well as donating a portion of its sales during the Bitcoin 2022 conference to help build a water well in Africa.

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