According to the Montenegro-based newspaper Vijesti, Do Kwon, the co-founder of Terraform Labs, also known as Kwon Do-hyung, is appealing the detention extension ordered by a Montenegrin court. Kwon was arrested on March 23, 2023, after being caught at Podgorica Airport in Montenegro while traveling with fraudulent identification documents.

Report Says Kwon’s Legal Representation Aims to Appeal 30-Day Detention Extension

Three days ago, Montenegro’s Interior Minister Filip Adzic announced on Twitter that Do Kwon, the co-founder and CEO of Terraform Labs, was arrested on Thursday for presenting forged identity documents. Kwon’s location was unknown for some time, with speculation that he was hiding in Singapore or possibly Dubai.

The Montenegrin police stated that Kwon’s fraudulent documents originated from Costa Rica and Belgium. According to the Montenegrin newspaper Vijesti and local media, Kwon’s legal team is seeking to appeal his 30-day detention extension. Kwon is facing several legal challenges abroad, including an investigation in South Korea and multiple lawsuits in the United States.

The report notes that detention for Kwon’s offense is typically limited to 72 hours, but the court granted the extension due to Kwon’s status as a flight risk. Montenegrin prosecutors have stated that Kwon and his companion’s identities have not been completely verified and that foreign prosecutors, such as those from South Korea, are seeking Kwon’s extradition. Two days ago, a South Korean spokesperson announced that their prosecutors are taking measures to “repatriate Kwon Do-hyung.” Kwon’s legal team and Vijesti reporters say that the appeal will be filed this week.

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