Bybit has said it is inviting African youths that wish to attend a blockchain education training program to submit their applications. The training and educational program is expected to help the participating individuals learn the fundamentals of blockchain technology.

Understanding the Blockchain

Bybit, one of the world’s leading global crypto exchanges, has partnered with Innovation Growth Hub to launch a blockchain education and training program targeting African youths. The training program is expected to help young people learn and understand the fundamentals of blockchain, as well as how this creates new opportunities.

According to a local report, experts in the blockchain field are expected to lead or oversee the interactive discussions and online lectures. An unnamed spokesperson for Bybit is quoted in the report highlighting the importance of the training program.

“Our goal is to give young people the knowledge and skills they need to understand and engage with blockchain technology. Hence, we will work together with Innovation Growth Hub to create a unique learning experience for participants,” the spokesperson said.

In addition to helping the youths acquire knowledge about blockchain and its probable uses, the training program is also intended to acquaint them with the workings of Bybit’s ecosystem. Participants also stand a chance of winning prizes even as they continue to learn.

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